Curiosity Analysis and Consulting is a Corporation based out of Kelowna, BC providing business analysis and consulting services to various industries in the public and private sector, with particular interest in aviation and technology.

Curiosity Analysis and Consulting specializes in ensuring that companies maintain compliance with relevant regulations and are set up to succeed through alignment of Company strategy with objectives and ultimately with a robust data collection and analysis plan. It was founded by Laura Mortensen in 2015 and incorporated in 2017.

Laura Mortensen is an experienced aviation professional with a strong background in quality assurance, project management, engineering, business development, training development, health and safety and software implementation.  She studied Aerospace Engineering and was awarded a B.Eng with honours from Ryerson University.

Laura has spent most of her career working in aviation and has a special skill set in developing systems for safety management, risk management, and quality assurance to meet Transport Canada regulatory requirements.

Laura is passionate about building effective and efficient business processes and systems and brings  experience working with large organizations as well various technology start-ups. Her unique experience and ability to develop high level strategy in addition to producing detailed plans for execution allows her to provide extraordinary value to a wide variety of organizations.

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Laura Mortensen
Founder and Business Operations Consultant