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 Data-Based Decision Making. 

 You have goals and objectives. 

 Let us help you find your data and track progress in a meaningful way. 

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 Aviation Consulting Services 

Our business is to make your business more efficient and effective.

Through systems and process analysis, we will help design processes that are simple, intuitive, and measurable to align with your objectives and add value.

Data Management

Data is hard. Whether you need help finding your data, analyzing your data or setting your data analysis strategy, we can help.

Document Management

Documents got you down? We're well versed in airport  documentation for regulatory compliance, but also for operational efficiency.

Process Optimization

Nobody has time for duplication of work. We use software tools and process automation to make sure you only ever do anything once.



Curiosity Analysis and Consulting is a Corporation based out of Kelowna, BC, founded by Laura Mortensen in 2015 and incorporated in 2017. We are committed to a future of better data management in aviation and public service. 

We use a systems approach to align objectives and data, maintain compliance, and increase the efficiency and value of processes. 

We specialize in:







Our values define who we are as a company:

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 Our Values 

  • Improvement – always learning and doing better 

  • Integrity – principles over profit 

  • Inquiry – always asking why 

  • Inclusivity – everyone is welcomed and valued 

  • Ingenuity – creative innovation 


 The Team 

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Laura Mortensen
President & CEO

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Laura Mortensen is an experienced aviation professional with a strong background in quality assurance, project management, engineering, business development, training development, health and safety and software implementation.  


She studied Aerospace Engineering and was awarded a B.Eng with honours from Ryerson University.


Laura is passionate about building effective and efficient business processes and systems and brings  experience working with large organizations as well various technology start-ups. Her unique experience and ability to develop high level strategy in addition to producing detailed plans for execution allows her to provide extraordinary value to a wide variety of organizations.


Simon O'Mara
Airport Operations Consultant

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Having recently graduated with distinction from BCIT's Airport Operations program, Simon brings his passion for the aviation industry to Curiosity Analysis and Consulting Corp as an Airport Operations Consultant.


He enjoys delving into complex systems, leveraging a solid methodical and decisive skillset to get the job done well.


With a diverse background in technology, IT and airport operations, Simon leverages his systems thinking approach to meet your business needs.

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